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Avoiding Working Memory Overload in Students with LDs

...Working Memory Training to Increase Capacity Can working memory be improved through training? ‘Working memory training’ refers to interventions aimed at direct training of working memory skills to increase storage...

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Working Memory and Cognitive Load

...attention on what this system is used for and have developed models to outline the functions of working memory (Repovs & Baddeley, 2006). Working memory is generally viewed as an...

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Understanding Working Memory and Learning Disabilities

By Jeffrey MacCormack and Ian Matheson Click here to access the infographic. Even though we’ve known for some time that working memory and learning disabilities (LDs) are related, we still don’t fully understand their relationship. Working memory is our ability to store information temporarily while our brain is busy with a different task. We use [...]

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An Introduction to Working Memory

What is Working Memory? Working memory refers to a brain system, or mental workspace, responsible for temporarily storing and manipulating information. It is different from short-term memory, where information is stored and recalled in the same format; for example, students can hold a set of numbers in short term memory, but in order to repeat [...]

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Working Memory Difficulties: Strategies for the Classroom support students with working memory difficulties. Working memory and learning disabilities Working memory is the ability to temporarily hold on to information while the mind is busy with another...

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How do we address working memory deficits in students with learning disabilities?

...Disabilities". Tip 2: Avoid Working Memory Overload Students with LDs and working memory deficits do not have enough ‘memory space’ to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. An example often noted in...

Glossary of Terms

The LD@school Team has collected a number of terms that are in use across the LD@school website and that may be frequently encountered by educators when working with students with learning disabilities. The LD@school glossary has been created to help clarify the meanings of the identified terms. Terms are sorted alphabetically and links to sources [...]

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Working Memory

Working Memory Definition Click the play button to listen to Dr. Gendron's definition of working memory: Sound bite transcription: So working memory is the capacity we have to retain and manipulate information, in the twenty to thirty seconds that information arrives to us. So as we manipulate the information, store its relevant pieces, [...]

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Reading and the Brain: Strategies for Decoding, Fluency, and Comprehension

...sight word recognition and reading speed, the demands on working memory are less, and so working memory can be used for reading comprehension to occur. Watch for children who always...

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How do I support intermediate and senior students struggling with working memory in math problem solving?

...resources for critical thinking rather than arithmetic calculations. Teach Conceptual Understanding One challenge that may arise for students is working with symbolic representations. Students with working memory difficulties continually have...

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